After being burned by the tech crash of 2001 and being made redundant from media and ad agencies, I sold everything and moved out of the UK for Australia in September.  My best mate bet I would be back by Christmas.  That was in 2002.  Having spent the past 13 years in Asia, working in market research in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam,  I’m now mainly based from Hong Kong. I am a traveler.  I am a photographer.  I am a collector of life through the lens. At the moment, I am still trying to figure out where I fit in the photography world. I want to share the wonderful people, places and experiences I have seen on my travels though these images.


ART FOR SALE: 100% Hand painted Buddha art wall paintings • Each item is hand painted using acrylic paints with sand on to high-grade cotton. Images are taken from the interior walls of  the temples in Bagan, Myanmar.  The paint is mixed with sand taken from the Irrawaddy river to add texture. Each piece takes 5-7 days t0 paint.  Each was painted by Maung Pa, an experienced and skilled artist based in Bagan. • With natural texture, vibrancy, and a sense of luxury these painting makes a great original focal point in any environment. Created with the highest quality materials, this painting will not only look superior to any print, they will also last longer.   Name:  Buddha descending from  heaven Model No.  B11001, Dimensions:  68cm x 42cm   (27.0” x 16.5”) Name:  Hand painted Buddhist Art Model No.  B11002, Dimensions:  67cm x 49cm  (26.5” x 19.0”) Name:  Buddha Footprint (in gold paint) Model No.  B11003 , Dimensions:  75cm x 53cm   (29.5” x  21.0”) Name: Calling the Earth to Witness Model No.  B11004 , Dimensions:  69cm x 47cm  (27.0” x 18.5”) Name:  Buddha in Dana Model No.  B11005, Dimensions:  68cm x 45cm  (27.0”  x 17.5”) Name:  Hand painted Buddhist Art Model No.  B11006, Dimensions:  76cm x 36cm  (30.0” x 14.0”) Name:    Hand painted Buddhist Art Model No.  B11007, Dimensions:  82cm x 36cm  (32.0” x 14.0”) Name:  Hand painted Buddhist Art Model No.  B11008, Dimensions:  77cm x 38cm  (30.0” x 15.0”).

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